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HiSilicon Optoelectronics 10G PON Optical Module White Paper

With the development of 10G PON standards and the maturity of the industry, bandwidth-hungry services are emerging, and favorable policies are being released in different countries, pushing access optical modules towards higher transmission rates. GPON is the mainstream standard of the previous generation, and accounts for a large proportion on global live networks. The GPON installed base will be gradually upgraded to 10G GPON to meet new service requirements.

Auto-Tuning for 25G Tunable DWDM Transceivers

With the emergence of new services, the increased bandwidth consumption is forcing network operators to make continuous changes to their front-haul infrastructure to increase network capacity. HiSilicon Optoelectonics developed auto-tuning technology to SFP28 tunable DWDM optics to boost the capacity of front-haul networks without significant changes to existing hardware equipment and fiber resources. What’s more, with automated tuning capabilities it also reduces inventory and provisioning efforts to a minimum.

Technical Guide - NRZ/PAM4 Switching on the Electrical Port Side of 200GE Optical Modules

The 200GE LR4 optical modules support the transmission of 200GE optical signals with a transmission distance of 10 km on the optical port side, and PAM4 (53.125 Gbit/s) and NRZ (26.5625 Gbit/s) on the electrical port side through related functional blocks of oDSP, meeting different device-side requirements.

HiSilicon Optoelectronics Optical Modules for Wireless Fronthaul White Paper

As CAPEX for the next-generation base station construction increases, operators are looking for more cost-effective 25G fronthaul optical modules. With decades of investment and innovation in the optoelectronics field, HiSilicon Optoelectronics has launched a complete solution of 25G grey and colored optical modules to build diversified access pipes for wireless communication.

Short-distance high-speed optical transmission requirements and technical challenges

Yibo Liang from HiSilicon Optoelectronics introduced the requirements and technical challenges for short-distance high-speed optical transmission in CIOE 2019

The opportunities and challenges for integrated photonics towards next-generation short-reach transceivers

Jiangwei Man from HiSilicon Optoelectronics introduced the opportunities and challenges for integrated photonics towards next-generation short-reach transceivers in ECOC 2019